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Why Lease a used car?
The majority of consumers purchase a used vehicle because of the large savings over a new vehicle.  For this reason used vehicles make financial sense for many of today’s dollar conscience consumers.  Leasing affords consumers the ability to drive a newer vehicle more frequently with lower monthly payments while protecting them from volatile resale values. 
Used car leasing is one of the greatest hidden secrets of the automotive industry.  There are specific vehicles that have very high residuals, fixed future resale values, which make an excellent used car lease.  It also allows customers the opportunity to own vehicles still in the warranty period, keeping the cost of ownership down.  Lastly it allows customers to trade vehicles more frequently without negative equity or large down payments. Don’t forget that you can also trade out of a lease early just like you can with a purchase, so it offers all these advantages without the fallacy that you are stuck in a lease for a set amount of time.
• Low monthly car payments
• The ability to have a more frequent trade cycle
• Protection from volatile used vehicle markets
• Short term lease period
• Option to purchase at lease end
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